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Abant, four separate natural beauties in four seasons...

Abant, which is a lake surrounded by pinewoods, is paradise which is far way from the chaotic world with its clean weather and unique beauty, where you can take a breath as you wish.

The Abant Lake, which shows a separate natural beauty in each season, experiences the fall under the shadow of yellowing leaves before wearing a white cloth on the green one, the winter with the forests covered with snow and the spring and summer with an array of bright colors in greening vegetables.

When you visit the Abant Lake in the fall, or in winter which is different from the romantic touch of the fall in the nature, you can see that everywhere is white and the lake is covered with ice and under the snow and enjoy a different taste in the course of walking along its shores by foot.

Abant offers exceptional beauties consisting of various alternatives every season to its guests with peaceful walks, bicycle tours, lake tours on the skids driven by horses in winters and the expeditions which are made by listening to the sound of horseshoes on coaches along with the lake covered by lotuses, in company with pine fragments, by breathing the clean mountain weather.

The Abant Lake, which is very easy to reach, impresses and amazes nature-lover travelers by its delicious grills and black sea salmons, clean mountain weather and fascinating beauty.

The nature and trekking loves, those who got tired of working and who are willing to have a holiday, honeymoon couples, those who want to celebrate special days and hold business meetings in an atmosphere of holiday will be able to enjoy one of the most enjoyable and unforgettable holidays in Abant, which is surrounded by pinewoods and famous for its freshwater lake and which gives the feeling of the color of pinewoods reflecting on the sea from every side. The peaceful moments there will always be remembered as a memory that you never want to forget.

Places to Visit Don't come back before you
  • Visit the Abant Lake, Gölcük, Yedigöller, Sünnet Lake, Sülük Lake, Aladağ Pond, Esentepe, Akkayalar and Bolu Plateaus,
  • Visit Turkish Houses and Seben Rock Houses,
  • Paraglide;
  • Take coach tours,
  • Eat the black sea salmon or the food from Bolu at its restaurants,
  • Buy nutty candies in Bolu, the Bolu chocolate, Saray halvah, honeydew honey and Turkish cream.
  • Fact

    Flying Information

    Direct flights are available from Riyadh and Jeddah to Istanbul to Atatürk Airport, and transportation is provided from Istanbul to Abant by highway.

    Flying time

    Riyadh - Abant
    Riyadh Istanbul Atatürk Airport “3 hours, 35 minutes” Istanbul Abant 3 hours by car

    Jeddah Abant
    Jeddah Istanbul Atatürk Airport “3 hours, 40 minutes” Istanbul Abant 3 hours by car

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    The continental climate predominates.

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