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Trabzon, emerald city of the wild Black Sea...

This is a city with crazy green tones which can be visited for four seasons due to its nature, culture and historical richness.

It presents unique beauties through its vegetation cover with such density and variety comparable to tropical regions, climate conditions, all the green tones, high winds blowing on its mountains, when the plateaus head from the lonely winter to enthusiastic summer.

The Sümele Monastery, which is established on a steep cliff at the skirts of Karadağ, and brooks and plateaus of Uzungöl, Değirmendere, Kuzgundere and Zağnos at an altitude of 1,090 meters from the sea level are natural wonders to be visited, where the culture and nature are blended.

This is a dream city, which is admired by its viewers due to its natural beauties offered by the climate with heavy rainfalls, as well as human-made works, which presents unique views for nature lovers, and in which beauties are separately hidden.

Trabzon, dating back to at least 4,000 years as far as is known, is one of the exceptional cities which has experienced all the phases of history due to its location, hosted various civilizations and attracted the entire world's attention. When you go up the plateaus where blue and green tones come together in the city which is famous for its wild nature, rough sea, the sun, sand and olihogaline water in summer, you can sip your tea and taste delicious food indigenous to the region which can never be found anywhere else. Once your excursion ends and preparation of returning starts, you will be already planning your next trip.

Places to Visit Don't come back before you
  • Trabzon Castle
  • Akçakale
  • Virgin Mary (Sümela) Monastery
  • Vezalon (Yahya) Monastery
  • Kuştul - Hızır İlyas Monastery
  • Peristera
  • Kaymaklı Monastery
  • Girls' (Panagia Theokephastros) Monastery
  • Girls' Monastery (Panagia Keramesta)
  • Memişoğlu Mansion
  • House of Yarımbıyıkoğlu
  • Çakırağa Mansion
  • Ortahisar Houses
  • Gülbahar Hatun Mosque
  • Ortahisar Fatih Mosque
  • Yeni Cuma Mosque
  • İskender Paşa Mosque
  • Ahi Evren Dede Mosque
  • Hızırbey Mosque
  • Çarşı Mosque
  • Tavanlı Mosque
  • Gülbaharhatun Tomb
  • Visit the Trabzon Castle,
  • Visit Atatürk's Palace,
  • See the place which is known as the Fatih or İrena Tower and used as the Armory,
  • See the Sümela Monastery,
  • See the Çal Cave,
  • Join plateau festivities,
  • See the Hagia Sophia Museum,
  • Tour Uzungöl,
  • Taste the stuffed black cabbage, kayana, the famous Kuymak made from the butter and cheese from Trabzon and buttered black sea salmon at restaurants peculiar to Trabzon and the Hamsiköy Rice Pudding in Hamsiköy...
  • Sumela Monastry

    The ruins of a monastery can be seen on the slopes of the Zigana Mountains to the south of Trabzon and at the foot of the mountain at the bottom of a wooded valley flows one of the tributaries of Değirmen Creek, which terminates at Trabzon. This place is known as “Meryem Ana”, or “the Virgin Mary” by the local people. Its old name is “Sumela Monastery”. Many people consider its origins to be extremely old, and this opinion is widely held among the Byzantine Greek community of the Black Sea coast. According to legends about the foundation of the monastery in books about Trabzon printed in Greek, the monastery was originally founded in the reign of Theodosius and rebuilt in the sixth century in the reign of Justinian by Belisarios, one of his commanders.

    However, foreign experts who have conducted on-site investigations consider that there is nothing to substantiate this hypothesis. The Monastery's main source of income is an icon of the Virgin Mary, which is reputed to be of great age and believed by many to possess miraculous properties. According to the legend, the icon is the work of Saint Luke, one of the disciples of Jesus Christ and it was sent to Athens after the death of Luke. However, in the reign of Theodosius (4th century) the icon declared its desire to leave Athens and was borne to this hollow in the mountains around Trabzon by angels and placed upon a stone. It was at that time that two hermits by the name of Barnabus and Sophronius, who were then travelling from Athens to Trabzon, happened to find the icon in this deserted spot. Thus, buildings which are the subject of such legends are automatically regarded as being exceptionally old. Sumela is not the only example of this type, it is only one of a number.


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    Connecting flights from Riyadh and Jeddah to Istanbul Atatürk Airport

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    Riyadh - Trabzon
    Riyadh Istanbul Atatürk Airport “3 hour, 35 minutes” İstanbul Atatürk Airport Trabzon Airport “1 hour, 50 minutes”

    Jeddah Antalya
    Jeddah Istanbul Atatürk Airport “3 hours, 40 minutes” İstanbul Atatürk Airport Trabzon Airport “1 hour, 50 minutes”

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    The Black Sea climate predominates Trabzon, with hot summers and average temperatures in winters.

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